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Aftermarket & warranty

Kepler SPA Bathtub warranty clause:

Including products: produced by Kepler, home use.

Including the crowd: the original buyer and the use of home use

Warranty period: the right of warranty cannot be transferred. Cylinder body lifetime limited warranty. All parts of other parts have 5 years warranty.
The warranty period is an earlier one from the day of use of the purchase or the day of the departure of the bathtub on the same day of Kepler. Needs the guest to provide the purchase certificate and its number.

The scope of application of warranty: product warranty can only apply for warranty during the warranty period. The scope of warranty of the product does not include the following:
During the warranty period, the cylinder block is not used in the normal home condition. PUREWATER will selectively arrange the repair or replacement, but there is no obligation to transfer, re install or transport the bathtub shell.
If the other component parts of the cylinder in the outside of the cylinder are used in the warranty, the Kepler will selectively provide maintenance or replacement. As a condition of warranty service, after the whole refund and verification of the problem, Kepler may ask guests to return defective or defective parts, or to charge for repair or refund.

Excepted terms: the scope of warranty does not include metal electroplating and light bulbs in direct sunlight. Products from Kepler factory in the following cases are damaged or defective: inappropriate treatment, abuse, misuse, negligence, accident or natural disaster damage, does not affect the normal use function of aging; not in accordance with the Kepler guidelines introduced products (details refer to guide maintenance manuals); any part of the product has by changing or changed, but does not contain the label changes.

Warranty clause

Three years of quality assurance
1.When consumers buy products with "three years warranty" service, businesses promise to provide repairs, replacement parts or replacement of new products within three years.
2.If the merchant failed to fulfill the promise, it needs to pay the consumers in the way of issuing Tmall integrals, the number of Tmall integrals is (=), the actual transaction amount (yuan) *15, the highest (no more than 100000 points).


Warranty & Return
The product is guaranteed within two years. This warranty is effective only for the manufacturer's parts.
Buyers should guarantee to find relevant professionals to arrange bathtubs
Due to improper use, unauthorized repair or modification, incorrect installation or other errors caused by our factory, the damage or defect of the product will be damaged. The above warranty is not applicable.
Back and forth maintenance Freight is paid by buyer
No installation of a bathtub can change or return
The buyer is responsible for the return of the freight.

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